Masterclass UPV 2013

The past June the University of Valencia (UPV) contact me to be part of a session of masterclasses oriented to animation.

In this case they offered me the oportunity to talk about animation oriented to videogames. Videogames isn’t one of my favourite fields in animation, but I’ve learned a lot working as an animator in videogames in companies like the disappeared ‘GRIN’.  Working in videogames you can push forward your skills in body mechanics and use MotionCapture as a base.

I talked about the preproduction of a videogame, how to organize your time and your work before start animating, the importance of the communication between all teams of every department to let things clear and help one each other in every process. How to cut your animations, from idles to action. Cutscenes, Interactive Sequences. How to clean up the MotionCapture data and get the most profit, change between mocap and keyframe animation. Facial expressions, lipsync.

I showed some examples of my work and explain how it was the creation process, not just in technical aspects but the problems and solutions I found during the animation, the communication with the client and the rest of the team to reach the deadline with succes.

At the end of the masterclass I talked about how to prepare a demoreel, how to show your work and which is the potencial client or company you want to work with. Afterward we start a A/Q session about the animation industry in Spain.

For me was an  incredible experience to share with the students all the things I’ve learned during all those years.

So, as I said in the masterclass, my big advice is: ‘ Be humble, Contribute and Learn’

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  • Ale dice:

    ¡Que bueno! siempre aunque haya cosas que nos interesen menos que otras, se puede aprender algo y lo podemos hacer formar parte de lo que realmente nos gusta.

    Valencia habrá quedado encantada con tu ponencia. ¡Felicitaciones!


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