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3d Character Animator Welcome to my website


A Monster Calls

Character Animator for J.A.Bayona's upcoming feature film

Game Of Thrones

Character Animator for Season 5 Episode 8 'Hardhome'

Ender's Game

Character Animator for the sequence 'Mind Game'

Mario Animum Monologue

5 junio, 2014

Bubble Bip

13 noviembre, 2013

Too and TrE3

13 noviembre, 2013

Ecoembes ‘Basuria’

13 noviembre, 2013


13 noviembre, 2013


15 enero, 2013


15 enero, 2013

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Cups of Coffee

While working with David on a project for 23Lunes I had the opportunity to know his skills, work ethic and ability to communicate ideas and feedbacks.

David demonstrates deep technical understanding of the processes behind Computer Animation and, altogether with his creative skills, makes him the perfect fit for any professional environment in the media industry.

Marco RomeoLead Software Engineer at MPC

Great animator skills. Very talented and perfectionist.
He can do both cartoon and realistics animations with awesome results.

David CorralRigging Supervisor at Digital Domain 3.0

I Met David while teaching Maya, and he was one of those alumni you get a good feeling about, he showed a passion for animation from the first days and while others thought "ow! it takes so much to do this!" he was more than eager to go further.
Years have passed and had the pleasure to work with him again and his evolution is simply fantastic he's still as eager to learn more from everywhere and can say he has achieved a great detail in animation, paying close attention to subtle details in the posing, dynamic lines and all...
Apart from his Skills he is a great guy to work with always giving ideas and trying to help, a great team player, always up to date with the animation world and a great addition to any animation team.

Ruben BautistaFX Artist at Cinesite

David is a great animator with great results. He's got an amazing animation knowledge and can translate it into visible work very quickly. There's a difference in everyhting David animates and you can tell by the look of his work. Least but not last, great to be around, funny and responsible, what else could you ask!

Sergio Jiménez Lecturer at La Salle Campus Barcelona

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