CusitrinCommercials imagecusitrin


For this project I was responsible of the animation direction, and I’ve animated the half of the shots of the spot.

DateDecember 2011 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
Snow TeaserTeaser snowteaser_thb

Snow Teaser

Teaser for a video game in project without name.

For this project I was responsible to clean mocap data and fix finger movements, add facial animation, refine body movements, secondary motion of some parts and some FX animation like the falling snow of the signal post.

DateJune 2009 CategoryTeaser TrailerSoftwareAutodesk Maya & MotionBuilderClient23lunes Link
Singing SantaiPhone App santa

Singing Santa

Iphone and Ipad App from KHUSH

For this project I was responsible for the animation both the app animations and the intro sequence.

iPhone iPad

DateDecember 2012 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
Clash Of HeroesCommercials clash_of_heroes

Clash Of Heroes

TV Spot for UBISOFT – Clash Of Heroes, 2010.

For this project I animate the elf sequence.

DateApril 2010 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientKotoc Link
Nescafe Cappuccino – ¡Más que un café!Commercials nescafe

Nescafe Cappuccino – ¡Más que un café!

For this commercial I was responsible of the animation direction and I’ve animated some shots.

Take a look at the ‘Making Of’

DateMarch 2011 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
Skoda ImaginariumCommercials skoda

Skoda Imaginarium

TV spot for Skoda Imaginarium. Directing and Animation of some shots in the commercial.

DateOctober 2011 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
AnmynorTeaser anmynor


For this cinematic I was responsible of the direction, story and the realisation. I was the lead animator and I’ve animated an entire sequence. Take a look at the spanish version here, with the incredible voice of Pepe Mediavilla, the Gandalf spanish voice.

DateMarch 2011 CategoryTeaser TrailerSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
Stop Motion ExperimentShort stopmotion

Stop Motion Experiment

Stop Motion Simulation Experiment, was an exercise to relax and have a bit of fun after a stressed beginning of 2011.

We take our character, and simulate an stop motion animation removing some frames of the final animation and add the peculiar style of the stop motion animations.

DateJanuary 2011 CategoryPersonalSoftwareAutodesk Maya & Dragon Stop MotionClient23lunes Link
IntroPersonal intro


This is just an exercise done to practise “Straight Ahead” animation. I’ve been improvised all the acting and timming, just for fun.
I’ve enjoyed a lot animating this piece, hope you like it! I used the free rig for maya “Blok” from Jason Baskin

DateApril 2010 CategoryPersonal WorkSoftwareAutodesk Maya
WANTED – Weapons of FateVideogames wanted

WANTED – Weapons of Fate

‘WANTED – Weapons Of Fate’

I’ve worked as a Senior Character Animator in the entire videogame, mixing mocap refine animation and keyframe animation.

All this cutscene, the ‘Plane Sequence‘, was animated by me, using motionCapture data as a base and refined to fix all the movements in the scenario.

DateMarch 2009 CategoryVideogameSoftwareAutodesk Maya & MotionBuilderClientGrin Link
DirecTVCommercials directv


Kompost designed, animated and directed a bit of magic for a new TV commercial introducing the ‘second screen’ app VIGGLE. I’ve enjoyed a lot animating some of the shots of this spot. It was a pleasure to work with the Kompost team. Nice people!

DateOctober 2012 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientKompost Link
HEDRINCommercials hedrin


Adaptation of Neositrin Ad to Hedrin in English.

Sanofi-Aventis wanted to make an animated TV commercial but they did not know what the possibilities were, in particular they didn’t know the differences between 2D and 3D animation or what style they wanted. Their main idea was to make a commercial based on a main character (the louse) and the “world” in which he lived.

You can watch the spanish version and a making off.

DateSeptember 2009 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
DonettesCommercials donetes


I was responsible of character animation of this character for 3 minutes pieces of  ‘Donettes’ campaing.

DateJuly 2009 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientOnPost Link
Ecoembes ‘Basuria’Commercials basuria

Ecoembes ‘Basuria’

I was responsible for the rigging of all character.

DateJuly 2013 CategoryCommercialSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientBoolab Linkhttp://
Too and TrE3Short too_and_tree

Too and TrE3

I was responsible of all animation in the short movie. This work purpose is for promote an online store.

DateJanuary 2012 CategoryShortSoftwareAutodesk MayaClient23lunes Link
Bubble BipTV Serie bubble_bip

Bubble Bip

I was work in this TV serie as an Animator director working in the animation style and close with the Character TD and tools for the production. After that, I was animating some episodes.

DateMarch 2013 CategoryTV SerieSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientTriacom Link
Mario Animum MonologoShort mario

Mario Animum Monologo

I was responsible of the animation of one shot in this 3d short monologue for ‘Animum Animation School’.

DateApril 2013 CategoryShortSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientAnimum Animation School Link
Ender’s Game – Mind GameFeature Film enders

Ender’s Game – Mind Game

I was responsible of the animation of one sequence of the film, the ‘Mind Game’ sequence, starting with a MoCap base performed by Gavin Hood for the giant, then fixing body animation and facials, finally keyframe animation for the mice.

DateJuly 2013 CategoryFeature FilmSoftwareAutodesk MayaClientPost23 Link

About About me

Hi there! Welcome to my website.

My name is David Llopis and I am a 3D Character Animator based in Barcelona (Spain)

I have over twelve years animation experience and industry experience that includes animation on commercials, movies, TV series, videogames and videogame teasers.

I am available for freelance opportunities and contract work. If you feel you have a project that I could help with, I’d love to hear from you… so please, get in touch!

Also I’ll always be glad to hear what you think about my work…



I can do both, cartoon and realistic animations, I also have experience working with MoCap for movies and videogames.


I have a high knowledge of Autodesk Maya, also worked with MotionBuilder and XSI.


Throughout my career I have the chance to work as a lead animator, working directly with an animation team.

Also I’ve directed some animated pieces, I’ve been involved in the script, realisation and, of course, in the animation process.

Companies Companies I worked with


23lunes (Barcelona)


Grin (Sweden)


OnPost (Barcelona)


Kompost (Switzerland)


Kotoc (Barcelona)

Testimonials what they think about me

David is a great animator with great results. He’s got an amazing animation knowledge and can translate it into visible work very quickly. There’s a difference in everyhting David animates and you can tell by the look of his work. Least but not last, great to be around, funny and responsible, what else could you ask!

Sergio Jiménez – CEO at 23lunes

Great animator skills. Very talented and perfectionist. He can do both cartoon and realistics animations with awesome results.

David Corral – Lead Rigging Developer at Digital Domain

I Met David while teaching Maya, and he was one of those alumni you get a good feeling about, he showed a passion for animation from the first days and while others thought “ow! it takes so much to do this!” he was more than eager to go further.
Years have passed and had the pleasure to work with him again and his evolution is simply fantastic he’s still as eager to learn more from everywhere and can say he has achieved a great detail in animation, paying close attention to subtle details in the posing, dynamic lines and all…
Apart from his Skills he is a great guy to work with always giving ideas and trying to help, a great team player, always up to date with the animation world and a great addition to any animation team

Ruben Bautista – FX Artist/TD at Trixter

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